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Studio Session Includes:
15 Minutes of Private Studio Photography
12 High Res JPGS Digital Downloads
Private Web Gallery Hosting - 7 days
Galleries will be ready 12/8/18

*optional upgrade available to purchase full gallery etc.


How long does each session last? 
Studio sessions will be about 15 minutes long and will start right at your appointment time.  To respect all the families that are coming that day, we will start and end right on time. Unfortunately, if you are late for any reason, your session time will be compromised as there is no way to make up the studio time. 

What is included in the Session fee?  
Along with your studio-portrait session , you will receive a private online gallery of final image selections just for you to preview and select your 12 for keeps. Your gallery will be edited and ready for download. You will receive a coupon for12 high-res digital downloads to select your images included in your session! You will have the option to purchase additional digitals and products if you desire but no additional purchase is necessary. 

When should I arrive?
Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your session.  Please come shoot ready with your kiddos in the complete head-to-toe outfit you would like them to be photographed in as there will not be time to change. We will start at the exact time of your session. 

Can I get there early? 
Studio Sessions are set up for each family to have privacy to keep it as fun and comfortable for everyone. I ask families to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes to provide a quiet, distraction-free session for the family before you. If you are worried about getting to the location on time, there are two coffeeshops within one block radius from the studio with ample seating and you can grab a snack there! (I will provide details after booking) Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! 

Why is there a limitation to “four family members per session”?
Due to the studio space fire code restrictions the capacity of the space including myself and my assistant only permits four additional people. In order to keep the pop up at the current price point, this spaces and the time frame allotted are required to make it work.  In the future, I hope to find an affordable larger space that will work to accommodate families that exceed four in hopes to make it more inclusive.

What products do you offer?
From your gallery, you will be able to order professional prints and products in all types of sizes. 

Who can participate in the photos?
This really is up to you! You don’t have to have a child to participate. Studio Sessions could be a great opportunity for portraits, couples, best friends. You can utilize the time just for your child(ren). (Although I do hope you hop in for a few!) As long as you don’t exceed four people, you are good!

Can I use the photos for my business?
No. The sessions are solely for personal use for you to enjoy. Although, if you’d like to discuss licensing the photos for commercial use, I’d be more than happy to quote you!

Can I bring an outfit change? 
In order to best use the time during the session, I do not allow wardrobe changes. 

What should we bring to our session?
Positive energy! Consider a favorite item of the moment - It could be a toy, blanket.

What if my child is having a time time that day?
A big part of my style is embracing kids being themselves. This may mean tears, yawns, laughter, frowns, it is all part of who they are! My goal is to capture a variety of emotions throughout the session.  However, if you know your child tends to get cranky for a nap, for example, please schedule your session accordingly. Arriving 10 minutes prior to your start time does give them a little time to settle. I will turn on my kids whispering skills to win their hearts! 

How can I prepare for our session? We want the best photos possible!
You know your child best! I recommend scheduling your session when your child tends to be happiest. This may be after a nap, or after a snack, first thing in the morning, later in the day-- you know this best. I HIGHLY recommend keeping your child's temperament in mind for the shoot. I advise against a long car ride right or big activities right before the shoot. I recommend not skipping naps right before your shoot.  A good night sleep for every before their session is also wise.

If your child is old enough, try talking to them about the shoot beforehand. Letting them know that this is a special and fun experience. Build up the experience where your child is looking forward to the shoot and excited to be there. Maybe plan a fun activity after the shoot like going out for a treat or doing an activity your child loves. Lastly, if you have any special tricks or item that your child is currently into, please bring them!

What if I need to change my session time or cancel?
Unfortunately, due to the limited space and the nature of studio sessions, I can't change any session times, the sessions are non-refundable.  However, you are more than welcome to offer your session to a friend. If your child gets sick or for any other reason you would need to cancel, you are welcome to transfer your booking to a friend and work out the exchange with them. Just let me know in advance so I am prepared.  

Can I put my name on a wait list?
While I don't have a formal wait list, you do have the ability to sign up for my newsletter for upcoming sessions and any promotions.

GREAT. How do I sign up?
The shopping cart will be live on 11/5/18 at 10AM. (Until then the page will just be blank). When it is live, select your desired time frame and check out. Please be aware to confirm the session, you must sign the contract agreement following payment. You may preview the contract here.