Ted Perry and Jack. A musician and his loyal Australian Cattle-Dog.

Ted Perry is not just a musician but, a brilliant man of many talents and skills. Ted and Jack, his Australian Cattle-Dog spent the last few years living in a small farming community in South Dartmouth, MA.  This unique Norwegian pre-fabricated kit home from the late 70's is an odd choice for New England climate but full of character. Ted spent much of his time here focused writing and playing his music.  If I was to describe his music, I'd say it  is a mix of "traditional" and "roots" style music influenced by folk. If that makes any sense? If not, you will have to hear him perform.  I visited Ted several times  here and thought it would be a great place to shoot. The light is so soft, and rich with color in pockets of the house.  I love watching the light shift throughout the rooms over the course of a day. Ted recently decided to move on from the area and asked if I would come and document a small sliver of his life at home.  My reply, was short and simple, “When can I visit?” What a treat! A sunny winter day full of beautiful songs, shutter clicks, laughter and memorable conversation.  Cheers!

Musician Portraits