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capturing natural newborn family photographs starts with trust

Creating stunning photographs is a process. As the professional photographer, I can not emphasize enough, it starts with making sure your family newborn photography is the right fit for your potential client. For most clients, exploring the world of family photography begins when they start the conversation of family. (excluding us, family photographers.) There are a variety styles, aesthetics and approaches to newborn photography and we (photographer) know best how to explain our style and approach. If a client is asking for something that is totally not your style and you know it, be upfront and honest. Be respectful of their investment.

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SOHO Newborn Portrait Session

A sweet newborn in-home portrait session in SOHO, New York City. This sweet baby is two weeks old so we captured a lot of sleeping and cuddling during our session. Something to consider when booking your newborn photography session is if you prefer the sleepy cuddle photos (first two weeks is the suggestion) or if you to capture them more alert and interacting. (three to four weeks old.) Both great options, it really just comes down to which is more important to you.

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