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Coney Island Family Vacation Session

Why do families stop hiring family photographers once their kids reach their teens?

I know its awkward time of life when you are supposed to dislike anything your parents request. Right? But, perhaps we as family photographers and parents are just going about it all the wrong way? I can totally empathize, who wants to spend their Saturday afternoon loading in the car with their entire family to sit somewhere and be told to smile, fix your shirt, smile, smile? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! (even for the little tots too).

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In Home Session - Baby Photographer Brooklyn NY

sleepy street and spacious home to welcome their child last summer. (Yes, I am way behind on blog posts!) Leaving this fantastic city, Brooklyn is a big decision! Naturally, they took their time researching areas and looking at commute times, and I think they found the perfect place to call home. Their light drenched sunroom was the ideal to begin their first in home photography session as a family.

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Honest and fun family portraits. Simple tips for success.

Traveling back to where I grew up, Cape Cod is always a treat to photograph families from my younger years. As I typically do for family sessions, we began at their beautiful home and made a trip to the beach the down the street that they frequent together. Their boys are sports obsessed so to keep our session fun and active we added some baseball into the mix. 

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