School Portrait Time Machine

Growing with your subjects. 

 Back in 2009 a public charter school, Coney Island Prep School opened it's doors to their first student class. I was invited to photograph their students with the idea of capturing their character and personality in a school portrait format.  Looking back at the students, school and my work and seeing how much we've grown is truly rewarding in itself. CIP wanted school portraits that reflected their scholars' personality.  Together we created a space for the students to be themselves and enjoy the portrait process.

The students were so happy they got to be a part of the process. We worked together to create something they would love. I remember hearing the kids whispering and giggling in the halls, "We can do what we want!" I had two minutes to work with each student and about 70 students in total. 

Fast forward to 2017, I got an invite to capture their class again as the first graduating senior class! I had learned alot since that first year. (Let's just say that I did not attempt 60+ students without an assistant and/or lunch break this time around. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way! The students were so personable and engaging. I loved hearing about their future plans and several remembered our first shoot. The students were given print outs of their first school portrait prior to entering in our make shift studio. We could hear a lot of laughter and conversation buzzing in the hallway. 

Full Circle! I was invited back to photograph CIP's second graduating class with the help of Elena and Ben. I was excited to read that 100% of this class received college acceptance to continue education.  ( A few from the vault! )