Shannon Roddy specializes in baby, newborn, kids and family photography.

Newborn Photography - Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights gained another Super Hero fan this fall! 

Before each family or newborn session,I schedule a call clients.  We go over how the session will flow, what to expect and my favorite part is learning  about a clients family. Their personalities, routines, quirks, current interests give me insight on how to engage and document them during our session.

 On the day of our photo shoot, I already know the kids names and their interests. I know who is camera shy and who might need a little extra attention. It creates a comfortable space for more magic less stress so we can get to the good stuff. No matter what there is always room left for surprise and spontaneity. Perfect example, discovering during our session that I am capturing a household of Super Hero fans. Client score! Their son excitedly told me all about his favorite female super heroes. (my favorite moment of the day). 

While I am shooting we will play, laugh and perhaps even a melt down will happen. (usually me. kidding.) I am the middle child sandwiched between two hyperactive siblings, patience is my middle name

But seriously. I get it. Guess what? It is all good! I get that life has just handed a huge change to your household and the transition can be bumpy for tiny humans and pets. (Parents as well!)  I remind clients that I understand that they are probably sleep deprived, adjusting and possibly nervous. If anyone needs a break. Take it. Most importantly. Have fun, cuddle and enjoy this amazing life you created.