Getting Lost With The One I Love

Exploring is one of my favorite things to do, especially with camera in hand.  Even more exciting, is being able to share adventures with the one I love, my boyfriend.  James and I  love to hop on bikes or  get "lost" in my car when we travel.  Whether it is a mini adventure to the store or trip out of the city, we seem to find fun anywhere.  Parking lots, bodegas, woods, art exhibitions concerts and well now, we can add abandoned drive-in's to the list of  surprisingly  fun adventures.

Not only  is James patient with my  desire to photograph everything I find interesting, but he enjoys it as well. (I'm truly lucky!)   We stumbled upon this gem while visiting my family in Massachusetts. On the way to a family cookout we passed it along a highway, our faces light up and a silent nod was exchanged.  Without any verbal discussion, it was agreed, we'd be making a stop later that afternoon.

To find  an abandoned Drive In theater was a pretty amazing shared experience.  James's passion for film/movies and writing is my match to how I feel about photography. As we explored,  we discussed what movies may have been shown and imagined how many  interesting stories/memories that were related to this special place.


Exploring an old drive in movie theatre with James


The inside of an old drive in movie theatre stage.

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