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Coney Island Family Vacation Session

Why do families stop hiring family photographers once their kids reach their teens?


Teen years. I know its awkward time when you are supposed to dislike anything your parents request. Right? But, perhaps we, as family photographers and parents, are just going about it all the wrong way? I can totally empathize with teenagers, who wants to spend a hot summer Saturday afternoon with their entire family being directed, “Smile,sit,fix your shirt,don’t elbow your sister, look that way, smile. SMILE?!” Fortunately, it really doesn’t have to be that way! It can be fun. (even for the parent who is uncomfortable with being photographed).

When Melanie (Mom) and I discussed their trip to New York City, she was well aware that a family session would not embraced with excitement by her kids. Not only are her elder children teenagers but she is a family photographer. (You know what that means. They are no stranger to being the subject.). Being a photographer and a mother of four she knew we were up for a challenge but she was totally open to ideas, accepting their groans, intentional goofy gestures and bored expressions to the camera (just a few of my favorite paritially cooperative yet mild form of protest). To be totally honest, I prefer a display of character than a frozen subject so, why not capture a few that will be a source of entertainment for many years to come? She won my heart immediately because she sees the value in documenting their lives together and the beauty in accepting her children as themselves. The full package, the laugher, tears and the groans.

I proposed we go somewhere new during their visit to New York City. Perhaps, a trip to Coney Island and to document them from a day in life approach to give everyone space. If the opportunity presented itself, I’d lightly direct a few family photos in between eating, rides, exploring and a few games. I’m so glad the challenge was accepted! The kids could catapult themselves on rides that I am too scared to ride myself. They embraced some friendly family competition with games, and we indulged in Nathan’s and delicous gelato at dusk.

Want to me to travel with your family to document your vacation? See me an email! I promise your kids won’t hate me…unless you leave me alone with the gelato.