Children's Photography Session


People often ask me what type of photography I enjoy the most. In the simplest form, I enjoy capturing real moments. Whether it is children's photography or wedding photography both leave tons of opportunity to capture natural and real moments. I tend let moments naturally unfold vs. posing people so both subjects, wedding and children are a great fit for me. On the flip side, clients who desire and appreciate natural portraits and natural moments captured are the perfect fit for my photography services. I love photography Children's Photography sessions because it is almost always a collaboration between the parents and myself. I know my craft and  parents know their children best, so it helps a great deal for us to work together to produce beautiful pictures. Before our session, we work out a good time based on light/location and their child's napping/eating schedule. During the photo session, patience and allowing children to get comfortable is essential for a successful  children's photography session.

That being said, I was super excited to book a portrait session with Hunter. Hunter is a rad little man. (I can assure you he gets it from both of his parents)  I had the pleasure of spending some time with him and his parents earlier this month. Although his parents opted out on being in the photos, I managed to sneak in a few. :)  Hunter just started to walk so it was fun watching his waddle around his backyard in between his pauses to observe us and the nature around him. I look forward to the next visit!