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Coney Island Family Vacation Session

Why do families stop hiring family photographers once their kids reach their teens?

I know its awkward time of life when you are supposed to dislike anything your parents request. Right? But, perhaps we as family photographers and parents are just going about it all the wrong way? I can totally empathize, who wants to spend their Saturday afternoon loading in the car with their entire family to sit somewhere and be told to smile, fix your shirt, smile, smile? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! (even for the little tots too).

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Montauk Day In Life Family Photojournalism

A documentary family session with a lots of water play. I started our day in life with some morning rituals for the father, some surf at the cliffs in Montauk, New York. While dad was at work we had some breakfast and spent some time at the beach. Then we headed back to the house for lunch and some later afternoon play in the pool. Dad took his lunch break in the pool with some high flying air tricks.  Bath time and then we headed to the ocean for dinner and a sunset. Being a water baby myself, this day in life session is one for the books! 

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