A short biography about Brooklyn based children and family lifestyle photographer Shannon Roddy. 

Photo by  Reverie Photo Co

Hello!  I'm Shannon

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. You can guarantee that I will put all of my heart and energy into our shoot. Before I ramble about my past, I’d like to share what is most important to me: sharing experiences and connecting with others. I am a storyteller at heart but what I am most interested in is your story.  My passion for travel, people, design and love of light has led me to this amazing career in photography. I am so incredibly grateful.
I grew up in a pretty area of Massachusetts on Cape Cod. My appreciation for photography started early while growing up on an east coast peninsula that is known for its gorgeous beaches and snow storms.

I’ve held a number of occupations  (paper girl, golf course beverage cart girl, flea market attendant, bartender, server and credit collections) but by far this career is the most rewarding. (Duh. Right?)  In 2003 my love for art, food, people and opportunity overruled my love for sleep and I made the move to New York City.  It is here that I have perfected the art of offbeat dancing, mass consumption of coffee, and attempt to put avocado on just about anything. I feel laughter and love are key elements to true happiness, Jim Gaffigan’s stand up comedy is a staple in our home. And pancakes!  Together or separate…any hour.
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